International Conference on Information Technology Applications and Systems (ICITAS), ICITAS2018

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Scheme of Application Study of Kanji Characters Japan to Children Base On Android
Alit Widana Putra, Yoppy Mirza Maulana, Dinastuti Mulia Libriyanti

Last modified: 2018-05-11


- This research aim to to design a application base on Android to assist children learn japan Kanji Characters. Besides this application also can become media to assist instructor of japan Ianguage to teach Kanji Characters to educative children of by more pleasant and modern. Android selected as platform for the development of application because this platform used many for the peripheral of mobile so that consumer can access whenever and anywhere. End result at this research is a scheme of application study of japan Kanji Characters can be used as reference to develop study application.

Keywords: Children, Japanese Kanji, Application, Android, Naritachi Kanji.

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