International Conference on Information Technology Applications and Systems (ICITAS), ICITAS2018

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Utilizing ADDIE Model for Developing Brilian, Learning Application in Institute of Business and Informatics Stikom Surabaya, Indonesia
Bambang Hariadi, M.J. Dewiyani Sunarto, Pantjawati Sudarmaningtyas

Last modified: 2018-05-11


Brilliant is a blended learning developed based on the ADDIE model. This study aims to float learning applications to meet the characteristics of Z generation with ADDIE model. ADDIE model has been used in general as a foundation for constructing instructional design, especially in developing Computer Based Training (CBT) or multimedia-based teaching applications and e-learning. Brilian having been implemented and evaluated in 65 classes that involve 65 lecture and 1153 students.The result of evaluation shown 79% of the student users said they found it convenient to use the application while 82% of lecturer users agreed that this application supported their teachings.

Keywords—ADDIE Model, Learning Application, Google Apps, Brilian.

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