International Conference on Information Technology Applications and Systems (ICITAS), ICITAS2018

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Making a Short Film with the Thriller Genre Using Canted Angle Techniques About Psychopaths Titled Hate
karsam ., Nirwana Wahyu, Puspita Prawiswari

Last modified: 2018-05-15


Abstract - For two decades the Indonesian film industry have a downturn. However, in 2015 along with the entry into force of the Asian Economic Community (AEC), the country's film industry has developed. This development is supported by many factors, including the opening of foreign parties to take part in the film production process. This is in line with the presidential regulation number 4 of 2014 on the list of closed business fields and open business fields with requirements in the field of investment, then the film sector is open 100 percent for foreigners. Such conditions can lead to the competition in the world of work, especially in the production of cinema. Referring to this problem, the researchers want to play an active role in the film production process. The goal that want to achieve is to produce a short-fiction movie thriller genre using a canted angle technique about the psychopath titled "hate". The theme of the film is lifted from the rise of fraudulent behavior or moral deviation at this time. These moral deviations include psychopaths. The method used in the production process is to combine different methods. Data were obtained through literature review, observation, and in-depth observation, and interviews with several experts. The film is presented in short duration, which is about 17 minutes. The story tells of a character who in his childhood was under pressure from his father. This treatment affects her character as an adult and he becomes a cold-blooded killer / psychopath. The making of this film is expected to be used by the community to identify the characteristics and causes of the behavior of people with psychopathic personality disorder.

Keywords: Shot Film, Thriller, Canted Angle, Psychopates

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