International Conference on Information Technology Applications and Systems (ICITAS), ICITAS2018

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The Effect of Motivation and The Work Environment to Competence and Performance of Lecturers at One of Higher School in Surabaya
Rahayu Arya Shintawati

Last modified: 2018-05-15


As one of the private higher educational institution, it is a must for the civitas academica to pay attention on its quality. One of the elements which plays a crucial role in improving the quality of higher education is the lecturer. Lecturers are demanded to have good performance. To inprove the performance of the lecturer requires several things such as high motivation, adequate competence, good leadership and work environment which support lecturers in improving their performance. The purpose of the research was to recognize the Influence of Motivation and Work Environment Against Competence and Performance of lecturers. In this study, data was collected by using questionnaire to the population. Data was analyzed by usig Structural Equation Modelling(SEM) operated through programme of AMOS 6. The results of the study showed that the variable of work environment had a significant impact towards the competence where the probability value was<0.05 and the motivation variable had no influence on the competence where the probability was value> 0.05. And test results between motivation, work environment and competence had a significant influence towards the performance of lecturers.

Key Words : motivation, work environment, competence dan lecturer performance

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