International Conference on Information Technology Applications and Systems (ICITAS), ICITAS2018

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Science And Technology For Communities: Marketing Strategic Development and Packaging Design for Kelompok Tani Elok Mekarsari Surabaya
Candraningrat Candraningrat, Yosef Richo Adrianto, Januar Wibowo

Last modified: 2018-05-15


SMEs need to design their product packaging that can create a high quality product image. When looking at this packaging aspect, it can be said that in order to stand out in a tight market competition, the product packaging should create its own identity on the products offered. Competition in competing and expanding market share today is becoming increasingly complex, where technological developments make product parity increase. The advantages and added value of the product are becoming increasingly similar between the offer given by a company and a competitor. The purpose of this program is to provide technology in the form of comprehensive packaging design and increase the ability of SMEs in improving their marketing. The method used in this program is the training on marketing strategy and the making of comprehensive packaging design. Furthermore, assistance is done by the team in making the packaging design that is attractive and provides added value, so that the partner may actually be able to produce the output of five products that will change the packaging and label the packaging. The team also makes the attributes of marketing in the form of x- banner, designs, stickers and attribute of marketing tools to partners. The result of this activity is the availability of nine designs for five different products: Crickets Crispy, Aloe Vera Drink , Potato Donut , Meatball Tofu, and Mushroom Satay . In addition to the packaging design, this program also provides marketing attributes that can be used at the exhibition which is usually followed by Elek Mekarsari Surabaya in order to increase sales of products managed by Kelompok Tani Elok Mekarsari Surabaya in order to have a good business continuity.

Keyword – Marketing, Packaging Design, and SME’s sustainability

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